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CedarPC is a Trusted Computer Reseller

CedarPC is an industry forerunner in technology recovery and refurbishing for a broad array of technology resources, including discount desktops, PCs, computer parts and computer peripherals. CedarPC is striving to establish the framework for sustainable technology by providing companies with a cost-efficient and eco-friendly path to technological proficiency. Our business relations and state-of-the-art facilities allow us to collect, refurbish, and resell technology on an unprecedented level, so that it may continue to benefit society instead of occupying space in a land-fill. In an effort to make a difference, we do things differently at CedarPC.

Amazing Deals on Refurbished Acer Desktops.

Check out the CedarPC online discount computer store for amazing deals and clearance prices on Refurbished Acer Desktopss, discount PCs, desktops, flat panel monitors, hard drives for laptop and desktop computers, RAM, and other computer parts and peripherals. Our inventory is stocked to the brim with quality, name-brand computers at discount prices, including: discount desktops, discount notebooks, discount laptops, discount PCs, discount monitors, discount hard drives, discount computer memory modules and discount computer parts. Our inventory speaks for itself; happy browsing.

Refurbished Acer Desktops and Other Top Name-Brands.

Our discount computer technology catalog is filled with top-of-the-line discount computer products from all name-brand computer manufacturers. Visit cedarpc.com to browse through our assortment of high quality discount desktop and laptop computers, parts and peripherals from manufacturers such as: Hewlett Packard (HP, Compaq), Acer, Dell, Lenovo (IBM), Gateway, Sony, Toshiba, Motion Computing and more. Compare our selection and pricing to that of our competitors, and you’ll find that CedarPC is often the superior option.

CedarPC Refurbished Acer Desktops FAQ

Q: Is there a reason I should choose CedarPC instead of other Refurbished Acer Desktops resellers?
Providing an economical and socially-responsible method to computing is what CedarPC is known for. Look no further for Refurbished Acer Desktopss, desktops, workstations, servers, flat panel and CRT monitors, and every other computer technology asset you can think of. Our prolongment of technology products allows us to reduce e-waste and grant the products a second chance by reusing every laptop, desktop, workstation or server component and computer part so that we may offer them again to consumers at discount prices. Our reputation as a socially-responsible refurbisher and recycler is derived from this. Individuals and businesses know that they can trust us and that we will defend them from any potential risks. CedarPC offers an intelligent solution that other resellers just can’t match

Our market understanding and pricing knowledge are essentially unrivaled, and when paired with our continuously expanding inventory of good-as-new laptops, desktops, workstations, servers, parts and peripherals, explain why CedarPC is an industry leader for recovered and refurbished technology. It’s no wonder that CedarPC is the favored solution for acquiring discount computer systems, parts and components from brands such as Hewlett Packard (Compaq, HP) , Acer, Dell, Lenovo (and IBM), Gateway, Sony, Toshiba, Motion Computing and more at prices that are tough to beat.

Q: Are all CedarPC computers for sale at discount prices?
A: Yes, all Refurbished Acer Desktopss available for sale on this CedarPC.com website are high quality, name-brand Refurbished Acer Desktopss (unless noted otherwise in the Refurbished Acer Desktopss product description). Our extremely competent team of technicians process all discount computer systems and Refurbished Acer Desktopss at our cutting-edge facilities in Chantilly and Vienna, Virginia. Our Refurbished Acer Desktopss, discount computer systems and discount computer products are measured against the highest quality standards and are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Rest assured that you are paying great discount prices when purchasing from CedarPC.

Q: What is included with Refurbished Acer Desktopss?
A: All of our discount computers come with warranty information and either a power cable or AC adapter. Many ship with restore CDs as well. Discount laptops come with warranty information and any additional discount laptop accessories specified in the discount laptop computer product description.

Q: Can I upgrade / modify the Refurbished Acer Desktopss configuration listed for sale in your name-brand computer reseller store?
A: A huge variety of RAM, hard drives, and other computer parts are listed on the CedarPC online store, available for separate purchase. As a means of maintaining super-low clearance pricing on our discount laptops, CedarPC does not offer custom configured orders for laptops.

Placing an Order For Discount Computers

Q: Is your online ordering process secure?
A: Yes. All discount computer orders and transactions involving release of personal information is kept secure with the latest 128-bit SSL encryption technology.

Q: What payment methods do you accept for Refurbished Acer Desktopss orders?
A: The CedarPC Online Store accepts American Express, MasterCard, Discover, Visa, and Paypal.

Q: Will you ship Refurbished Acer Desktopss internationally?
A: CedarPC ships retail orders only to the continental 48 states. Overseas shipments of Refurbished Acer Desktopss are not permitted. Also, understand that CedarPC does NOT ship Refurbished Acer Desktopss to PO Boxes, APO/FPO, Freight Forwarders, or Hotels.

Q: Do you offer bulk discounts on Refurbished Acer Desktopss?
A: Only CedarPC’s partnered resellers receive bulk discounts. In order to learn more, contact us at chantillyhelp@cedarpc.com

Q: After I have placed my order for a discount laptop, is it possible to check my order’s status?
A: Each approved discount laptop order receives a confirmation e-mail verifying the order. To keep tabs on the status of a discount laptop order a customer can utilize the UPS tracking number.

Shipping Refurbished Acer Desktops

Q: What delivery options are available on Refurbished Acer Desktopss?
A: UPS handles the transport of all CedarPC retail orders of Refurbished Acer Desktopss. Shipping rates for Refurbished Acer Desktopss are based on the discount products’ weights and dimensions.

Q: When should I expect my shipment of Refurbished Acer Desktopss?
A: Your discount laptop order is thoroughly inspected by our Order Processing Department to ensure that the order is accurate and that the payment method is valid and authorized. Once your discount laptop, desktop, part or peripheral order has successfully passed this inspection, the products will be shipped directly from our computer reseller warehouse. We normally ship all orders for Refurbished Acer Desktopss within 48 hours after credit card approval. Total time for delivery is based on the amount of time it takes to get payment authorization, order processing, and the transit time from the carrier. This can range from 24 hours to 10 business days, though various shipping options are available if you need your order to arrive sooner.

Q: Do I have to sign for my package?
A: Yes. A signature is required for all shipments of Refurbished Acer Desktopss at the receiving location. This is for security purposes.

Returns of Refurbished Acer Desktops

Q: What is your return policy?
A: Review our Terms and Conditions

Refurbished Acer Desktops Warranty

Q: What if I need technical support for my Refurbished Acer Desktopss?
A: You can contact us using the information found here.

Q: What is the condition of our Refurbished Acer Desktopss?
A: Refurbished Acer Desktops are listed in our inventory with a grade that properly reflects the discount item’s condition. Discount computers made available for sale on CedarPC.com have completed a rigorous refurbishment process designed to ensure satisfaction. Our Refurbished Acer Desktopss are assessed on cosmetic condition, tested for functionality, cleaned and packed individually prior to becoming available on the CedarPC.com online computer store.

Q: Does the Refurbished Acer Desktopss include any application software?
A: It varies from computer to computer. Our Refurbished Acer Desktopss have information listed regarding the operating system and/or any included restoration software.

Q: Does an AC adapter come with the Refurbished Acer Desktopss?
A: AC Adapters ship with all laptops, and Power Cables ship with all desktops. Your Refurbished Acer Desktopss will ship with whichever is appropriate.

Q: Does CedarPC export Refurbished Acer Desktopss?
A: CedarPC does not ship Refurbished Acer Desktopss or computer systems internationally. The credit card used to buy our Refurbished Acer Desktopss must also have a billing address in the United States. The credit card billing address must match the billing address provided in your checkout.

Q: How much tax will be applied to my purchase of Refurbished Acer Desktopss?
A: CedarPC must collect and remit sales tax on all sales of Refurbished Acer Desktopss and name-brand computer products, based upon our business guidelines. Sales tax is calculated based on the "ship to" location rate selected during the checkout process. If you have any more questions regarding this, contact the CedarPC customer service department via email: chantillyhelp@cedarpc.com

If you choose to put a valid tax exemption certificate towards your purchase of Refurbished Acer Desktopss, we require a copy of the applicable certificate and will also need additional processing time to validate and approve your order for Refurbished Acer Desktopss using an exemption.

Q: When will my order of Refurbished Acer Desktopss ship?
A: Shipping Refurbished Acer Desktopss occurs within 2 business days of receiving your order information with payment processed. When we ship your Refurbished Acer Desktopss, a shipping confirmation email tracking information included will be sent to the email address associated with your account.

Q: Is there an option for same day shipping on Refurbished Acer Desktopss?
A: As of this moment, CedarPC does not guarantee same-day shipping of Refurbished Acer Desktopss as we typically require 1-2 business days to process and ship orders of Refurbished Acer Desktopss. For Overnight and 2nd Day shipping options, your estimate for delivery is based on the date we ship the Refurbished Acer Desktopss order, not the date that your checkout is completed. Don’t forget that overnight and 2 Day shipping on Refurbished Acer Desktopss does not include Saturday delivery.

About CedarPC
Since 2003, CedarPC has been a preferred take-back partner of many Fortune 500 companies, along with other top manufacturers and retail merchants. These leading organizations provide us with a non-stop supply of high-quality, high-value technology systems and components that, after testing and certification, we make available to customers. Through the prolongment of these products, CedarPC is able to enrich the lives of individuals and enhance businesses while also helping to significantly reduce the amount of technology that is polluting our environment and filling our land-fills.