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Dell PowerEdge R905 (24 Cores)

Dell PowerEdge R905 (24 Cores)

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Dell PowerEdge R905 (24 Cores)
(CedarPC Item # 11933 )
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Product : Dell PowerEdge R905 4 x Six-Core Server (24 Cores)

Sales Info :The Dell PowerEdgeTM R905 was designed for architected performance and streamlined virtualization deployment. It’s fine-tuned to provide virtualization performance with an ideal formula of processor technology, memory capacity, and I/O scalability. Featuring up to 2x the memory and I/O scalability of the previous generation standard 4U 4-socket servers, the PowerEdge R905 helps remove the barriers to running memory and I/O-bound applications like VMware’s ESX server. The PowerEdge R905 also allows you to start migrating real virtual machines within a few clicks of a mouse, streamlining deployment in virtualized environments.

Specifications : 
Model: Dell PowerEdge R905
Processor: Quad (x4) AMD Opteron 8439SE (Six-Cores each CPU) @ 2.80GHz (24 Cores)
Memory: 96.0GB RAM 24x4GB 667
Hard Drives: 5 x 450GB 15K RPM SAS (RAID 5) 6Gbps
Optical Drive: DVDROM
Floppy: None
Network: 4 x 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet
RAID: Perc 6i
Power: 2 x 1100W Redundant PSU
Form Factor: Rack Mount 4U
Rack Rails: None
Keyboard & Mouse: None
Operating System: None
Condition: Refurbished
DRAC: Included
Grade : A

Package includes :Dell PowerEdge R905 w/ 2 power cables ONLY.

Item Condition: Refurbished

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